It’s been 10 days since the GSoC result was announced and it’s still beyond belief that I am selected for GSoC.

This Month is for community bonding and fortunately I already have quite good bonding with mentors. I am also utilising this time in learning some more git and QML and now I am planning to start reading code for all the activities on which I have to work this summer. So, I might disturb mentors a bit more from now :).

GCompris has been working on adding multiple datasets to activities for a long time and in this GSoC, I am taking forward my SoK work and adding multiple datasets to some more activities.

The activities I am going to deal with -

  • Sudoku
  • Share pieces of candies
  • Locate the region
  • Categorization
  • Gnumch equality
  • Gnumch inequality
  • Build the same model
  • find the details

That’s it for now, Keep checking this blog. I’ll keep sharing my progress here. In the meantime, checkout GCompris here link or directly install from Google Play Store.

Stay safe and have fun.