Hi everyone

This month, I took forward my ongoing project with Gcompris and added Multiple Datasets for Categorisation, Gnumch equality, and Gnumch inequality activities.

If you are unaware of my project, multiple datasets, or Gcompris. I have explained everything in detail in my last post - here


Categorization1 Activity

Categorization Activity

In Categorization, pupils have to identify and categorize elements into correct and incorrect groups. Whenever we add multiple datasets in any activity, It is mandatory to add Activity Config before (you can see purple color sandwich like button in the above screenshot). Clicking on this button open ups the dialog box for configuring both multiple datasets and activity setting. It’s always easy when activity has no settings and I have to take care only about multiple datasets but In case of categorization, It has both activity settings and a dialog box which appears at starting to asks for downloading missing images and according to my proposal, activity setting should show different options for different datasets. So, for sure this was the most challenging activity for me. I was not very sure on how to test that “Download missing image” dialog box, as it appears only if any image is missing or we never clicked on “never show it again” option. So, as expected I broke it in my first commit :(. Where my mentor Johnny told me the way to test it and fix it :). Later mentors and I discussed and agreed that we don’t need to make activity setting options dependent on selected datasets. So in the end the most challenging activity has been merged into the master branch as any other activity.

Gnumch Equality and Inequality

Gnumch Activity

After completing categorization, I picked Gnumch Equality and Inequality, they are two activities that use the same code. So I am working on both of them together. There are a total of 5 Gnumch based activities that inherits the same code and datasets need to be added in 2 of them. So obviously, I have to take care that my changes wouldn’t lead to any regression in other activities. Besides this, both activities only support addition and subtraction operations at starting, I have added the new functionality to support multiplication and division operations. Gnumch is basically a game, a bit similar to Pacman :). So, It was fun to work on this activity. By the way, I am expert now :) The changes for these activities haven’t merged yet, they are still in review.

The final two activities left are to Build the same model and find the details. I have just started working on Build the same model and most probably I will cover both of them in my next blog.

Have fun!